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Stardust Crusaders #12 - the Empress

Howdy, people! What’s cooking, good looking? Welcome back! Today we’re going to take a look at Stardust Crusaders #12, “The Empress”! Are you ready? Do you have the 「resolve」?

  • Today’s first thing is this bit here. Enya’s wounds now look like proper holes, and her right cheek no longer looks like it’s blushing:

  • Let’s move on to this sequence of Enya running, which has been changed in a few different ways. First off, the bangle (ooh weeh ooh) on her left wrist has been detailed a little better:

  • Here, they drew some blood on her left hand:

  • Her left hand has been turned around here (and she now correctly has two right hands):

  • Her thumb and nails have been drawn on the left hand here, and the blood is back. On top of that, there is a tiny bit of shading near the sleeve:

  • The hand is inverted and bloodied again here, and a little spot on her face is a tiny bit darker:

  • Her nose has been shaded properly here:

  • Her left hand has been switched around and detailed more here:

  • The hole on the hand now looks like a hole, her nose has been shaded better, her hand’s been swapped around again (and boy, that thumb looks fishy), and she’s now sporting nails!:

  • The hole in her hand is back again:

  • And again here, plus some slightly darker bits on her nose:

  • And finally, both the spot on her face and some bits on her nose are darker here:

  • Gosh, that was long! Let’s move on to the rest of the episode. Here, Joseph has been slightly moved and redrawn:

  • Here, Joseph is shorter, Jotaro has been moved way closer to the camera, Kakyoin and Polnareff’s faces have been retouched:

  • Nena’s face has also received a slight retouch, at the end of the same scene:

  • This short animation starts with a flash, in the BD version; on top of that, it’s also slightly sharper:
  • This other bit is also brighter:
  • This animation is MUCH brighter and sharper:
  • Aaand one last bright bit:
  • Here, the old man on the left and the kid on the right have two new faces (and thank god for the kid):

  • Joseph has been completely retouched here:

  • This beautiful French boy’s face is also looking a little better:

  • Let’s play another round of “Background People”! Here, two men on the left and that lady with child on the right are looking better:

  • And here, a man on the right and an ear on the left have also been retouched:

  • Almost EVERYONE in the background is looking much better in these three scenes:

  • Here, Joseph’s eyes and his right ear have been slightly retouched:

  • And here, in addition to the previous changes, his left ear has been properly drawn as well; Joseph no longer looks like he’s banging his own head with his metallic hand:

And there you have it, good folks! I hope you had another good one in the company of your friendly neigborhood comparisonman, and join me next week for Stardust Crusaders #13, “Wheel of Fortune”!


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