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Stardust Crusaders #02 - Who Will Be the Judge!?

Good morning, evening, afternoon, night and whatever else might be appropriate for your time zone! Today we’re going to take a very quick look at episode #02 of Stardust Crusaders, “Who Will Be the Judge!?”. I say “quick look” because there are not that many differences to talk of, but I’ll shut up now and let you take a look for yourselves.

  • Today’s first difference is (surprise surprise!) a brighter animation:
  • Quickly moving on, we can see how in this bit of the openings, the BDs have added a bottom line for animator 片山貴仁 (Katayama Takahito), and it’s fully animated:

  • In this sequence, Joseph’s face has been retouched in a bunch of tiny ways, see if you can spot them all (including the magical disappearing thumb):

  • This lovely lovely scene is now uncensored:

  • And this first appearance of fan-favourite Hierophant Green is looking brighter and sharper:
  • Here, Jotaro is now sporting a wound on his left knee:

  • Aaaand now for a quick credit difference! Here, アベリカ (Maverica) has been added to the credits, under the section “Website Production”:

And that’s it for this week’s comparison! I’m not sure whether these short comparisons are due to the increased budget SC had, or if it’s because we’re still within the first episodes, but either way I’m grateful for these fast and easy posts! See you next week for episode #03, “The Curse of Dio”!

See you then!

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