JoJo's Bizarre Comparisons

Stardust Crusaders #01 - a Man Possessed by an Evil Spirit

Hello hello hello, good people! Well met! I promised you the crusade of a lifetime, and I hope you’re ready for it! We finally made it, ladies and gentlemen… We’re finally here! It took us more than two years, but I hope these comparisons will be worth the wait. Let’s get right into the first one, what do you say? As you can imagine, this being episode #01 and all, it won’t have many differences… But let’s get started nonetheless!

  • Today’s first difference is this bit of credits, in which 光田史亮 (Kо̄ta Fumiaki) was added in the middle, credited as “Stand Designer” and “Action Animation Director”. Check it out:

  • Moving on, this scene has a brighter vignette along the edges, and Holly’s face, hair and dress have also been retouched throughout:

  • The camera has also been moved a tad in the middle of the sequence:

  • This whole sequence is brighter and much sharper:
  • While this is much brighter:
  • Another two brighter and sharper sequences of this good mom running, for your eyes only:
  • And now for a very insignificant change! The title of the episode fades out more… smoothly in the BDs. Have a very brief video and a comparison frame (because I doubt many of you will be able to actually see the difference in the video):

  • Have another couple of brighter and sharper animations here, this time of Avdol whipping out his charred bird:
  • Magician’s Red spouts slightly brighter flames in this scene:

  • Moving on, these two clips of Joseph showing off his incredibly overpowered Stand are also brighter and sharper:
  • The first frames after the crash are also brighter:

  • It’s time for some credit differences already! But this time there’s a whole bunch of them. Here, the two names that were previously under “david production” (石本峻一, Ishimoto Shun’ichi and 西村彩, Nishimura Aya) have been incorporated into the main section:

  • The same applies here to 福田周平 (Fukuda Shūhei):

  • The credits here, instead, have been spaced a little bit more:

  • Here, the whole “3D Modeling” section (containing three names: david production, ソエジマヤスフミ - Soejima Yasufumi and 檜垣賢一 - Higaki Ken’ichi) has been removed, since they were all just duplicates of the names contained in the 3DCGI section, just below:

  • Here, they added マベリカ (Maverica) at the bottom, under “Website Production”:

  • And let’s close up with this other bit of credits, in which 服部健太郎 (Hattori Kentarо̄) has been added in the middle, under the section “Digital Production”:

And that’s it! As far as crusades go, this was probably rather tame, but even a crusade of a thousand miles starts with one step! Well, in any case, see you next time for Episode #02, “Who Will Be the Judge!?”!


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