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Diamond Is Unbreakable #32 - July 15th (Th.) - Part 2

Hey there, and welcome back! Today we’re going to take a look at Episode #32, “July, 15th (Th.) - Part 2”! Let’s not waste any time with meaningless preambles, and let’s just dive right into this bad boy.

  • Today’s first comparison is this frame, in which we can see that Heaven’s Door’s face is looking much, much better; his hat is also transparent, and Rohan’s face has also been slightly retouched:

  • This frame is slightly more zoomed in, Rohan’s face has been retouched (and he’s actually looking at the dude in front of him), and the bits of skin we can see through his diva shirt holes are darker:

  • And again here (minus the zoom, plus the shade on his neck and some better-looking earrings):

  • Here we have three brutal, very very gory frames uncensored. Are you ready? This is some pretty nasty stuff… You have been warned!:

  • In this very significant frame, you can see that Josuke actually cast a shadow on the background in the TV version, this has been changed in the BDs (and the shadow itself is a different color):

  • When the camera pans up, Josuke is slightly higher up:

  • In this shot, the wire Josuke’s holding is darker and thicker, there’s a slight distortion around the edges, Tower Boy’s hand has been retouched and some parts of the tower have been shaded differently to give it more depth:

  • Josuke’s collar hearts have been recoloured here:

  • In this frame, Mikitaka has been redrawn and re-shaded, and the shading on the background and on the hand in the foreground is different:

  • Just… I can’t list all the changes in this one. There’s just too many! Take a look for yourself:

  • The shading in this frame is different, and Josuke’s collar colour is swapped:

  • Here, Josuke’s eyes have been retouched and the wound on his cheek is a bit more bloody:

  • Oh, look! A wound:

  • In this frame, Josuke’s uniform is more tattered:

  • This shot is more zoomed out, Josuke’s uniform is tattered again, his face has been retouched and the background is slightly lighter:

  • Here our three Pretty Boys’ Pretty Faces have been all retouched:

  • And here… Kanedaichi (I had to google his name) has joined the Pretty Boys club, and Mikitaka’s symbols have also been retouched:

  • In this frame, the holes in Josuke’s uniform are no longer bottomless pits of blood, and everybody’s face has been retouched:

  • Them ole uniform holes have been retouched here as well, and again, look at their faces:

  • Rohan got completely redrawn here! Look at how smug he looks! Too bad that other dude still looks like he’s been scribbled in by a 8-year old:

  • Zooooom out:

  • Mikitaka’s face and his symbols have been retouched here, and the clothes hung out to dry have also been coloured:

  • Everything looks better here! Everything!:

  • This scene is slightly brighter:

  • The roses have been recoloured/shaded here:

  • Josuke’s hand gash did not magically heal here, and his eyes have been slightly retouched:

  • And when the camera zooms in real close to Yuuya, the bottom of the frame is slightly darker:

  • Here, Yuuya’s fangirls have all been retouched, Yuuya has eyebrows and his chin tattoo (…it is a tattoo, right?) spells H☆S like it’s supposed to:

  • Here we have a bad case of the ol’ brighter and sharper, and the fangirls’ tattoos have all been redone (…they are tattoos, right?):

  • In this shot the middle fangirl’s mouth has been centered better, and the background is slightly different:

  • Here, the fangirls all have their tattoos (…they are tat- alright, alright, I’ll stop it), the middle one’s face has been retouched, the holes in Josuke’s uniform have been recoloured and the shadow on his forehead is slightly darker:

  • In this very handsome shot of Josuke, the BD adds the usual slight distortion at the edges, the shading is all-around different, his right ear is shaded and there’s a bit of extra highlight near his left cheekbone:

  • Here, Josuke’s face has been retouched, and the hole on his arm has been recoloured:

  • And here the gash on his hand is back, the uniform hole has been recoloured once again, and there’s a bit of his hand which was previously blue and is now pink:

  • In this scene, the background is slightly different around the edges, the shading is different on both of them, there’s an extra glint in Josuke’s eyes and the whole shot is some pixels higher:

  • Here, Josuke’s eye area has been retouched, the front bit of his collar is darker and some parts of the background have been shaded differently:

  • In this scene Yuuya has a better face, his shade has a different colour and the shadow under his bag is a bit different. Now for Josuke! His hair now has a highlight, his uniform has the usual holes in it and the missing bit at the back of his collar has been drawn in:

  • The background in this scene is distorted in an entirely different way:

  • Here, if you squint really hard, you’ll see that Josuke’s uniform has been retouched to have the usual holes, and there’s the usual distortion around the edges. Most lines are also slightly thicker:

  • This frame has, once again, ye olde distortion around the edges, and Yuuya’s shadow has a slightly different colour:

  • Another slightly distorted frame! Josuke has also been retouched:

  • Ok, please, let’s take a moment to appreciate just how utterly fucked up the peace symbol was in the TV version. I mean, honestly. If there was a Top 10 ranking of all the times that goddamn thing has been drawn wrong this would probably be up there. Number One Most Disappointing Scribble. Congratulations. Yes, there are other differences in this frame, namely the holes in his uniform, the usual distortion, the highlight in his hair and the missing earring, but that peace symbol just takes the cake:

  • Another frame, another difference! Or differenceS! The highlight in Josuke’s hair is blurred and doesn’t go as far around the big ol’ steakhead, most shading in this frame is slightly different and there’s a slight distortion around the edge:

  • Another completely reshaded frame here:

  • In this scene, Tomoko’s face has been retouched, the edge of the light rays has been blurred and the shading in the background is darker:

  • Here, that dang distortion is back (you can see it if you look at Yuuya’s right shoulder), the shading on his face is a bit darker and the background has been unskewed:

  • Ah, who would have thought? Another slight distortion:

  • And, a bit later during the same scene, Josuke turns away from Yuuya way later in the BDs:
  • As you can see from this comparison, Yuuya has his tattoo (…it i-) back:

  • And he’s no longer trembling during that scene:
  • In this frame, Josuke’s eyes have been retouched, you can sort of see one of the holes in his uniform, the hand gash is back again and Tomoko has been shaded a little bit better:

Whew, and that’s it for this episode! This took a bit longer than I anticipated. A load of differences, but nothing too groundbreaking! We’re getting clsoer and closer to the end… Only 7 episodes to go!

Thanks for reading, and see y’all next week!

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