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Diamond Is Unbreakable #31 - July 15th (Th.) - Part 1

Oho, wait a second, what is this?! A Jojo comparison…? After more than one month of silence? Why, yes, it is!

Sorry for the long absence, but as I’ve said on Twitter, things were Not Good for a while, and then they became Very Busy, resulting in little free time and even less motivation to dedicate a big chunk of my free time to this blog. Things are better now, but let’s put all that boring stuff behind us and let’s get to the meat of this: the comparison!

Today we’re going to take a look at Episode #31, “July 15th (Th.) - Part 1”! We’re in the final stretch of the series, things are getting tense, stakes are getting higher and higher… Are you ready for this? Yeah, you are!

Let’s go!

  • Let’s begin this long-awaited comparison without getting too far out of our comfort zone! Here we have two slightly retouched faces on Koichi and Josuke, plus a different shading along the bottom of the frame:

  • Here we have a (thankfully) retouched face for Kosaku, and the scene is slightly more zoomed in:

  • The shading and colouring are better on the left side of this frame:

  • In this frame there’s a bunch of differences: first of all, Okuyasu got a slight makeover (although I can’t attest to the quality of the final face), the entire scene has that usual fish-eye-like slight distortion around the edges, the binoculars are darker and drawn with thicker lines, and the shadow they cast has blurrier edges:

  • Here, both Josuke and Mikitaka’s faces have been retouched, and the usual missing planet on Mikitaka’s collar has been added in:

  • Did someone order three Handsome Boys?:

  • Here we have a slightly lighter shading near the top and bottom edges of this frame:

  • Here, Mikitaka has been retouched for a grand total of 1 (one) frame…

  • …and, when he transforms back into the binoculars, we can see that Josuke has also received a substantial makeover in the face area. Almost every symbol on his uniform has also been made better (look at that peace… cross thing):

  • In this frame, Okuyasu’s ¥ has been redrawn straight, and Josuke’s face has More Lines:

  • Ok, I know that this one is almost identical to the last one, but there’s even more retouched things! Amazing, isn’t it:

  • If I had a penny for every time David pro misspelled BILLION I’d probably have, I don’t know, two quarters:

  • This bit was a bit dark for some reason; this has been fixed in the BDs:
  • And this transition is sharper:
  • Here Rohan’s face has been redrawn, his hands retouched and the chair is a bit more distant:

  • Kosaku has been retouched in the photo:

  • Here there’s a new shadow on Rohan’s neck:

  • Here, Rohan’s face and hand have been retouched, and the camera has been moved a bit:

  • In this very important shot, the background objects have been shaded way better:

  • And the camera is more centered on the bite here:

  • Josuke looks way less excited here, and there’s a new shadow on his forehead:

  • Here, they added the second heart on Josuke’s collar and shaded the first one; the shading is also different in the background and on the bottom of the frame:

  • Kira Daddy’s dreaded PJ sleeve stripes are back! And the holes on the polaroid frame too! Good times!:

  • Again here, plus a darker bottom edge and sliiiiightly retouched eyes:

  • And agaaaain here, plus a retoucher collar on Josuke and darker shaded parts on Kira Daddy:

  • And one last time here, plus a different colour for the shaded parts (the bits that go into the black of the polaroid, to make this extra clear), and a displaced background:

  • Here, Josuke’s eye and nose area has been retouched:

  • These two excited boys’ faces have both been retouched here:

  • In these Not Very Good frames, Josuke’s face has been retouched, but unfortunately his absymal proportions haven’t:

  • A Very Retouched Boy:

  • Mikitaka 3D HD Remaster:

  • Have a couple of retouched Josuke faces:

  • In this scene, Mikitaka’s bangle is slightly daker and the red exhaust symbol on his chest has been retouched:

  • Here we have another brighter ‘n’ sharper bit:
  • Here, Mikitaka’s wound has been uncensored, the zoom has been pulled in closer and some wonky lines in his forehead area have been retouched. There are also way more blood particles:

  • This shot has been… “uncensored”:

  • Here, Rohan’s headband has been recoloured:

  • Alright, that’s it for the main episode! Now let’s take a look at the credits… Here we have Shinobu and Hayato showing up early (in the TV version they were added in Episode #37):

  • Here we have some other characters who show up earlier than they did in the TV version (which was Episode #35). We can see Yuuya, his three fangirls and the Cheap Trick guy here:

  • Here we have Super Fly + his Stand Master:

  • And here we have Enigma + Terunosuke:

  • And here’s a last credit difference: in the jewel from the J you see in the end of the credits, one of the rats has been substituted for Stray Cat, and the other for Kosaku (this also originally happened in Episode #35):

And that’s a wrap for Episode #31! Once again, I apologize for the super long wait, but sometimes real life has to take precedence over this. I hope y’all had a good month, and let’s pray they confirm Vento Aureo as soon as possible.

Be good, and I’ll see you next time (which hopefully is next week)!


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