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Diamond Is Unbreakable #19 - Shigechi's Harvest - Part 2

Hello everybody, and welcome! After a (short) hiatus, I’m back, and with me… “Shigechi’s Harvest - Part 2”, or “How to Get Punched by Your New Friends in 3 Easy Steps”! But, more importantly, this is the first episode in BD #7, and y’all know what’s waiting for us in there… Just another two episodes to get through and we’ll get to see a (slightly) redrawn KQ reveal!

Without further ado then, let’s dive into this episode. I thought the TV broadcast version of DiU #19 had several wonky and off-model shots, and I’m happy to tell you that David pro has worked rather extensively to make the BD version up to scratch. Let’s go!

  • For the first comparison of today we have this shot, in which the missing anchor and BILLION on Josuke and Okuyasu’s uniforms have been drawn in; the outline for the 億 kanji on Okuyasu’s right arm also has a black outline:

  • In a couple of frames, Josuke’s mouth has also been slightly moved:

  • In this shot, Okuyasu has been retouched; most notably, as you’ll see in the first comparison, Okuyasu had two pupils for a bunch of frames:

  • Here we have arguably the worst shot of Josuke, and in the BDs it’s… Slightly better. All three have been retouched and have some additional shaded areas in the BD version:

  • That weird banker dude has a mouth-looking mouth in the BDs:

  • Here, Okuyasu has some redrawn eyes, so that he’s no longer staring into space:

  • Ok, I lied, this was the ugliest shot of Josuke, and luckily it looks better in the BDs:

  • Here, the banker no longer has only half his back, and the telephone is in frame earlier:

  • His hand also no longer phases through the telephone:

  • Another redrawn Josuke face! Man, this really wasn’t a good episode for him, huh:

  • This animation of Okuyasu finally punching the little goblin is brighter and sharper:
  • Alright, here’s poor Okuyasu’s getting mangled and chewed up by Harvest in all its glory:

  • Josuke’s running animation is slightly different in this shot (there are some additional poses between the two running stances, you can see it if you look that the two hearts on his collar no longer shift abruptly from side to side):
  • Shigechi’s teeth no longer break the rules of reality in this bit here:

  • There’s a bunch of different things in this shot here. Both Josuke and Okuyasu’s faces have been retouched, Okuyasu has the missing 億 kanji on his shoulder, the windows on the truck behind them are now transparent and the shading below said truck is a bit darker:

  • Once again, they drew in the missing 億 here; plus, Okuyasu’s left eyebrow is thicker:

  • Here, Josuke has been heavily retouched. His face is looking better, he has his earring, his bangles (OOOOWEEEEOOOOO) have been shaded properly, the heart and peace symbols on his uniform are better (I mean the peace symbol was just a plain circle in the TV version, for crying out loud), and he’s no longer missing a chunk of his chest:

  • In this shot, Shigechi has eyebrows, his right ear has been shaded better, the shading on the lottery ticket looks more convincing and his eyes have been retouched:

  • And when Josuke slides in frame, the white of his eye has a slightly darker shading and the overlay texture is a little bit different:

  • Okuyasu’s uniform now has its previously missing distinctive marks here:

  • Have bunch of better-looking BILLIONs:

  • Here we have another uncensored wound (although you can’t really see it); there are also way more blood particles:

  • Again with the missing 億 (it’s not really missing in the second comparison, but it wasn’t in the right position, and from the little we can see of it it doesn’t really look like a convincing 億):

  • From here on, there will be a bunch of uncensored shots of Josuke’s slashed eyelid; this is the first of them:

  • BILLION strikes back:

  • Again with the eyelid; for some reason this is way more disturbing to me than Okuyasu’s leg getting chewed up by Harvest:

  • This comparison is the sum of the two last comparisons:

  • Have another bunch of uncensored eyelids. You know you like them, you creeps!:

  • Here’s another brighter and sharper animation:
  • In this shot, the anchor on Josuke’s collar is no longer missing its leftmost half, and when Shigechi closes his mouth the blood no longer circles around it; in the second comparison, the BDs also added back the missing line on Josuke’s neck:

  • And a last uncensored eyelid for the road. Take it! It’s on the house:

  • Aaand the episode is over! But wait! There’s a bunch of differences in the credits too! A bunch of DR. movie staffmembers’ names have been made ALL CAPS as is customary in the credits (the second-to-last comparison in this small bunch also has completely different names):

  • And here we have, once again, the ALL CAPS on the right; also, on the left, 演出 (“Animation Direction/Episode Direction”) has been spaced more:

Aaaaand that’s it for this episode! A healthy amount of redraws contribute to take DiU #19 up to the usual high quality standards David pro has shown so far. Thank you for reading this far and see you tomorrow for ep #20! Not long for Quiet Life Part 1 now!


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