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Battle Tendency #15 - the Qualifications of a Hero

Hey, everybody! Long time no see! First of all, let me apologize for the long silence, but as I mentioned in a comment somewhere, I’m writing the final pages of my master’s thesis, and I need all the time I can get to work on that. -18 days to the deadline!

But enough about me, we all know what you’re here about, and that’s all them juicy JoJo comparisons! Today we’ll take a look at Battle Tendency #15 - The Qualifications of a Hero!

Without further ado then, let’s get right to it!

  • The first comparison for today is of this uncensored shot of the poor Mark:

  • Caesar has been entirely redrawn, re-shaded and re-coloured in this animation. Here, have a bunch of frames for that:

  • The bubbles at the end of the animation are sharper and brighter:
  • Ah, them pesky bubbles at it again! They move way faster in the BDs:
  • This shot of a beautiful Italian heterosexual man has been retouched:

  • And Wham has been retouched as well, here:

  • Have another bunch of redrawn Caesars:

  • Here, most lines have been made thicker, some parts have been recoloured and the scratch texture on Wham and Kars’ faces is lighter and less noticeable:

  • Have another uncensored Nazi:

  • This is a bit hard to notice, but the purple mark on Caesar’s cheek was missing in the TV version, and has been added in the BDs:

  • Here’s another comparison to file in the “Oh, who cares” category! A couple of lines in Caesar’s neck are slightly larger, and there’s a very tiny speck of light in his open eye:

  • Here, the pillar men are no longer shaded like stock upset anime characters, and have been retouched; they also have the usual scratch texture on top:

  • Wham is bigger here, and Caesar’s open eye has been retouched:

  • In the same vein of the retouched slap lines in Poco and his sister’s flashback in Phantom Blood #06, Caesar’s breath has been made way more realistic in this shot:

  • The inside of Caesar’s mouth has been recoloured black here:

  • Again here with Wham, plus some thicker lines on his arm:

  • A small bit of Joseph’s gloves was mistakenly coloured pink in the TV version; this has been fixed:

  • In this shot, the line on Joseph’s right cheek is shorter and less prominent:

  • A textbook example of SHARPER AND BRIGHTER here:
  • Joseph’s fingers have been recoloured correctly here:

  • All three pillar men have been redrawn, reshaded and recoloured here:

  • Both Caesar and Speedwagon have been redrawn here. Seriously, look at Speedwagon’s TV face:

  • This animation of Joseph hitting Wham with his clackers is different and has different colours:
  • Here’s a bunch of shots which have been made brighter and sharper in the BDs:

  • Here, a bit on Speedwagon’s hat has been recoloured, and the shading on his right cheek has been retouched:

  • A tiny piece of one of Wham’s braid thingies has been retouched in a couple of frames:

  • Both faces in this shot have been retouched:

  • Wham has been completely retouched and re-shaded in this shot here (his braids have also been moved around):

  • Wham, Joseph and even the minecart have all been massively retouched and recoloured; most lines are also thicker:

  • Wham is looking better in this shot here:

  • And again here, plus a handful of thicker lines all around:

  • Kars has a little bit more eyeliner in this shot:

  • Wham’s face has been retouched in this couple of shots here, and the lines have been made thinner this time:

  • Joseph has an open mouth and a better shaded chin here:

  • The zoom has been pulled in in every shot of Joseph laying on the ground; he’s also been retouched, the scratch texture is better and the background has also been moved:

  • He’s also got a way more accentuated expression here:

  • In this shot here, there’s a tiny bit on Wham’s right shoulder which has been coloured red, a part of Joseph’s temple which was mysteriously free of blood has been correctly recoloured, and some outlines on Joseph have been made thicker:

  • Another zoomed/retouched/re-textured smug Joseph for your viewing pleasure:

  • Wham has been redrawn and re-shaded here; the background (along with ACDC) have also been slightly moved:

  • ACDC’s mouth and hat have been shaded better here:

  • These shots of Wham looking weirdly like a gentle buff squirrel have been redrawn:

  • Another couple of zoomed in/retouched Josephs here; as we can see from the second comparison and from the unchanged hand in the foreground, the zoom in those past shots probably just meant that Wham was closer to him, rather than signifying just a different camera placement:

  • The area near Wham’s ring is a little bit less blurred:

  • Wham is a little bit more distant from the camera in this shot, and his eyes have been retouched:

  • And this zoom here starts from farther out but ends up closer:
  • Both Wham and ACDC have been redrawn here:

  • A bit near ACDC’s left eye has been shaded differently in this shot:

  • And, a couple of frames later, his hand has been moved slightly down:

  • In these three shots, Kars has less make-up on, and his eyes have been retouched:

  • Joseph has been completely redrawn here, and the background has been moved around so that the shading looks more natural:

  • In this shot, there’s a more dramatic shadow on the top of the frame, and a line on Joseph’s neck is slightly thicker:

  • Finally, one last comparison for this humongous analysis! Animation directors 糸井恵 (Itoi Megumi) and 亀井隆広 (Kamei Takahiro) have been added to the credits:

And that’s it for this episode! As usual, Battle Tendency always takes it to the next level with the differences. Gotta give my props to David production for correcting a lot of mistakes and ugly shots in this one!

As the deadline for my thesis nears, as I already mentioned, I’m gonna be extra busy, so I won’t have as much time to dedicate to these comparisons; hopefully, once this chapter of my life is done with, I’ll be able to get to doing these things a little bit more regularly. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

I’ll see you next time for Battle Tendency #16! (If I don’t get DiU BD 8 before, that is!)


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