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Vento Aureo #35 - the Requiem Quietly Plays - Part 2

Ho ho ho! Or should I say… Jo jo jo? No, I really shouldn’t. It sucks. But welcome anyway to this ridiculous site! Today we’ll be taking an in-depth look at Episode #35, “The Requiem Quietly Plays - Part 2”!

Let’s begin!

  • Today’s first difference is this shot of Diavolo which is sporting a different distortion, a slightly flatter colouring and a brighter bottom of the frame (on Diavolo only):

  • Here, once again, there’s a slightly less pronounced distortion and the colouring on Diavolo is slightly different; in addition, most lines are slightly thinner:

  • Later in the scene, wthe rest of the gang shows up, the shading and colouring on all three is a little different and the camera has been moved slightly:

  • In this kickass Trish frame, the columns in the background are darker; the leftmost one is also sharper:

  • These shots are brighter:

  • Here, Number 1’s eyeliner has been recoloured black (it was probably made transparent by mistake):

  • Here, Silver Chariot Requiem is a little bigger, and the background has a new dark vignette along the bottom edge and the top-left corner:

  • Here the background is looking less flat once again, most lines are once again thinner, Diavolo’s colouring is a little flatter and one small bit on his left eyebrow has been recoloured from purple to black:

  • A darker background, together with a brighter shading on Narancia make for another better-looking shot, here:

  • Here, the foreground is darker and the arrowhead is much smaller:

  • Most lines are thinner once again, here, and the bottom of the frame is much darker too:

  • Here, Aerosmith’s visor is emitting a neon-green light, and the colouring on Giorno is a little flatter:

  • In this series of Abbacchio-centric flashbacks (a… Flashbacchio, if you will), almost all the backgrounds have been scaled down and/or moved, and they also scroll much more slowly, producing what is (in my opinion) a better effect:

  • And this last background (which has not been included in the previous video because it scrolls at exactly the same speed) has, instead, just been distorted a little less. Rest in peace, big chin boy…

  • This shot is also exponentially better due to a much more interesting background (which moves!) and a new vignette:

  • Most of the lines in this handsome turt shot have been made thinner, and he also ends the scene with his mouth open:

  • Here we have another shot rendered less flat by some tactical tweaks in the darkness levels of the background and Diavolo; in addition, the two shades of pink that make up his hair colour have been blended together better:

  • In this shot, a little bit of blood was overlapping the iron gate; it’s been correctly removed in the BD version:

  • Here, the lock of hair next to Diavolo’s mouth has been recoloured towards the top; in addition, most lines are thinner, most colours are flatter, Diavolo’s eye has been retouched and the lipstick on his upper lip has been retouched:

  • Also, in some frames, that little bit in the corner of his mouth has been recoloured as well:

  • This frame is looking so much better and less flat thanks to so many little adjustments that it’s probably faster if you just take a look for yourselves:

  • In this shot, the pole piercing Giorno’s skull has been correctly moved to his cheek area instead and the pole itself is covered in blood; in addition, Giorno has been retouched as well, the wing on his collar is looking better and the tip part of the pole has also been retouched a tiny bit:

  • Here we have another one where the differences are just so many that it would take me approximately… too much time to list them all; just give it a gander, friends:

  • One notable difference which I am going to talk about is Gold Experience, who shows up as a blurrier shadow, instead of the usual sparkly-outline-ghost we’re used to:

  • For some reason this shot has been completely redrawn:

  • This very touching shot is much more… golden:

  • The same applies here! In addition, Giorno’s tears are more transparent and they flow more realistically:

  • Here, Gold Experience’s arm and aura are blurrier, the tears on Giorno’s cheek are once again looking better and some details in the background look a little sharper:

  • This touching sequence has been made way brighter and sharper:

  • Here, both the background and Silver Chariot Requiem have been distorted differently, and the arrowhead is much smaller:

  • And, later on, when Doppiellati shows up, most shadows are a little darker:

  • Here, the colouring on King Crimson is a little flatter and the background is darker…:

  • …and, later on in the same scene, King Crimson’s… four eyes and his aura are much more visible:

  • Here, the dude on the left has been moved, the shadow of the dude on the right is slightly different, some raindrops in the foreground are a little more visible and Silver Chariot Requiem is bigger and has been moved as well…:

  • …and he no longer walks in place, too:
  • Here, apart from a massively scaled down arrowhead, the camera has been moved by a couple of pixels and the trees on both sides of the road are looking better too:

  • The arrowhead has been scaled down once more here, and the texture on Silver Chariot Requiem is also different:

  • Diavolo has received a slightly flatter colouring here, and his face is also better:

  • Here, a new vignette along the bottom edge of the background contributes to a less flat scene; in addition, Silver Chariot Requiem has been recoloured, the colours in Diavolo’s hair have been once again blended better and most lines on Giorno are sliiiiiiightly thicker too:

  • The clouds in the background are not as blurry, here…:

  • Here, the background is slightly darker towards the bottom-left corner, most dark bits on Giorno are even darker and Giorno himself has been retouched in a few places:

And that concludes it for this latest comparison, friends! Another sizable list of differences that, albeit maybe not as flashy as in some other posts, contribute nonetheless to making this a better-looking episode! And isn’t that what we all want from the Blu-rays? Well, in any case, I’ll see you next time for Vento Aureo #36, “Diavolo Emerges”! I hope you’re having some good holidays in the meantime!


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