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Vento Aureo #27 - King Crimson vs. Metallica

Hiya, friends! Welcome back! Sit back, have a nice drink, relax… It’s time for a quick look at this season (and possibly this entire series)’s best animated episode: “King Crimson vs. Metallica”! Are you ready to vomit razor blades?

Prepare yourselves!

  • Today’s first difference is this painful scene of our poor Doppio (innocent boy) having a pair of scissors stuck in his throat. Most lines are thinner, the bottom of the frame is darker and his hands no longer appear out of nowhere afer a couple of seconds, but are there from the beginning:

  • Doppio has a couple new shadows on his trousers, here…:

  • And they’ve been retouched on his left ankle, here:

  • In this extremely cursed (but also extremely iconic) shot of our boy, most lines are thinner, there is a slightly different overall shading and he’s now got a hairline:

  • Risotto’s chopped foot has been uncensored, here:

  • And here! In addition, the aura is slightly less transparent, it’s been retouched very slightly in a couple of spots and its outline is now on a layer below the shoe instead of being above it:

  • Here, have another chopped foot:

  • This flashback has been uncensored again! It’s so pretty that it deserves another fresh look:

  • It’s eyecatch time, friends:

  • Going back to the past once again, here we have a Prosciutto flipping through a book! The page-flipping animation has been redrawn and looks nicer:
  • In the TV version of this shot, there were a few random specks of blood on the left side of the frame (they might be hard to spot on smaller screens); they’re no longer present in the BDs:

  • In this scene, Doppio turns around only twice (as opposed to the four times he turns around in the TV version, which is double that, which in Italian is… “doppio”):
  • The blood on Doppio’s chest has been recoloured and is more yellow-ish:

  • Big changes here! So, in random order… The lighting is much more dramatic, there’s a darker vignette along the top of the frame, Risotto has been slightly retouched here and there, and there’s now a rock on the bottom -it’s been put there in order to cover up a mistake in the TV version (Risotto had two feet, even though his right one should have been chopped off). The result is a much more dramatic shot. Check it out:

  • Here there is a darker spot in the background, near Doppio, and the camera has been moved slightly, also to cover up the same mistake from the previous difference (clever!):

  • This brief shot is now brighter…:

  • This one’s strange… So, in the BD version of this scene there’s a black line next to (and also slightly inside?) Doppio’s head; I believe it’s an error introduced in the BDs, as it mirrors the shade on the hand from a motion from a few seconds before. Check it out:

And that concludes today’s comparison, friends! considering the extremely high quality of the TV version, I was honestly expecting even less differences than these… So, that’s a good thing! I hope you had a good time, and I’ll see you next time for Episode #28, “Beneath a Looming Sky”!

Be there or be DEAD!

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