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Stone Ocean #04 - the Visitor - Part 2

Hello again, friends! Apologies for the missed week - I’ve been quite busy with my day job, and I’m now recovering from a pulled wisdom tooth. Plus, if I have to be 100% honest with you, it doesn’t feel super great knowing that these comparisons are always going to be short and full of rather minor changes. But ah well! Let’s get into today’s episode, shall we? I can say with some certainty that this one will be longer than any other Stone Ocean comparisons by far! So, without further ado - here’s Stone Ocean #04, “The Visitor - Part 2”!

Hit it!

  • Virtually all of today’s differences will revolve around Emporio, and you know the drill - the beta version of his baseball jersey has been tweaked with his new Green Dolphin logos. All of these were introduced in the TV version, and they’ve all been retroactively “patched” into the Netflix version as well:

  • Here, on top of the previous difference, Emporio’s clothes and glove have also received a veeery slight shading tweak. Check it out:

  • And here, on top of the 6 number on Emporio’s back now sporting its new red outline, the shadow he casts on the ground is also different:

  • Here, on top of the usual, Emporio’s jersey has been reshaded eeever so slightly:

  • Get ready for a barrage of retouched Emporio jerseys:

  • Here we have a flashback of Emporio running from earlier in the episode, so we also have the same changes - so technically this isn’t a new difference, but… ya know:

  • And to conclude this Emporio-fest, here we have two new lines in the credits: 大橋遼 (Ōhashi Ryō) as VFX and 阿部奨子 (Abe Shōko) as Production Manager. This difference is also present in the TV version, and has retroactively been inserted in the Netflix version as well:

Aaand that concludes today’s comparison! Is this the longest Stone Ocean comparison so far? Yeah, for sure! Is it the most eventful? … Probably also yes! Anyhow, that’s all for this episode - see you for the next one!


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