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Stardust Crusaders #21 - Judgement - Part 1

Hello once again, friends! Today I have come to tickle your corneas with a delightful package of not ONE, but TWO comparisons! And no, this is by no means an attempt to make up for last week’s incredibly short comparison (and, to a lesser extent, today’s first short post), I don’t know why you would even ask that, go away. Actually no, don’t go - it’s Stardust Crusaders time! So, without further ado… Let’s take a look at “Judgement - Part 1”!

Let’s go!

  • Let’s start with this shot of Kakyoin! His neck has been correctly recoloured, the inside of his ear is now black and the background is blurrier and brighter:

  • Speaking of brighter… This animation! Check it out:

  • Moving on… Here, the area next to Jotaro’s left ear is darker…:

  • These poor birds have been uncensored…:

  • …as has been this touching family reunion! In addition, some of the blood droplets in the first video are slightly sharper as well:

And that concludes this brief first post! But worry not, my friends, because the comparison for Stardust Crusaders #22 is right around the corner…

See you there in a couple of seconds!

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