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Stardust Crusaders #19 - Death 13 - Part 1

Hello, friends! Welcome back, welcome back. Apologies for having missed the last week, but I was abroad! But let’s cut to the chase and get right to it - we all know what you’re here for! It’s time for Stardust Crusaders #19, “Death 13 - Part 1”! Are you ready to see some uncensored poop, friends? And what about a healthy serving of dead dog? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Let’s dig in!

  • Today’s first differences are in this scene of Kakyoin petting this soon-to-be-dead dog! Kakyoin’s face has been retouched in a bunch of different ways:

  • The zoom out animation has slightly different timing, and Kakyoin no longer shakes his head too quickly…:
  • …and, in addition, most things have been moved around a little, the distortion along the edges is no longer there and the background is slightly blurrier:

  • Stuff has been moved around in this animation as well! In addition the lighting is slightly different, Kakyoin is looking sharper, the blood spurt that was previously on the seat has been correctly moved near his hand and the poor dog has been uncensored:

  • The same poor dog has been uncensored once again here, and the shading/colouring on him is different:

  • This poor dude is uncensored again here, there are more blood particles flying around the frame and the lighting on the scythe is slightly different too, in some frames:

  • Back to reality! Kakyoin’s face has been shaded more, here:

  • Here, Kakyoin is shielding his eyes from this beautiful blurry Frenchman…:

  • …who is now looking better, here:


  • This poor mutt is back (and, believe me, you haven’t seen the worst yet), and the shading is slightly different in the second frame:

  • The dude on the left is wearing different clothes and his eyes are also looking better, here:

  • This baby’s eyes are no longer glowing unnaturally, here:

  • The two dudes in the back are looking better, here:

  • This brief animation is slightly brighter…:

  • Back to the dream world! Here, the lines on Polnareff’s mouth and neck are slightly blacker…:

  • Here, in addition to the usual uncensored and slightly reshaded dog, Polnareff is now casting shadows on the seat:

  • This poor creature has once again been HORRIBLY uncensored, and there are more blood specks:

  • Urgh. Disgusting. But it’s not over yet… Here, in addition to the same differences, there’s also less blood on the seat:

  • Let’s go back to these unspeakably cursed differences:

  • And once more here! In addition, the colour scheme has been changed on everything (apart from the eye in the beginning), Kakyoin has been moved around a little and there’s a different distortion along the edges:

  • This brief slashing animation is brighter and sharper…:

  • …while this one is just brighter:

  • Kakyoin and Polnareff have been slightly retouched, here…:

  • And here, Mannish Boy’s mouth movement has been inverted (in the TV version it starts open and ends up closed, while in the BD it starts closed and opens up):
  • Some of the lines on Kakyoin’s face are slightly different, here…:

  • Joseph, Polnareff and Jotaro have all been retouched, here:

  • I’m pretty sure that this frame will put me on some FBI watchlist:

  • In this touching scene of two dads figuring out the miracle of life, Mannish Boy’s nappie has been redrawn:

  • The beginning of this animation is slightly different…:

  • …later on, Kakyoin’s been slightly moved and the lines under his nose have been drawn in…:

  • …and here, the lines under his left eye have received the same treatment:

  • Here, Kakyoin has been completely redrawn, and on top of that, he’s received two new animations, one at the beginning and one at the end of this scene! In addition, the fire at his back is also slightly brighter:

  • This scene is sliiiightly more zoomed in…:

  • And here, Kakyoin’s hand has been retouched and looks less blocky as a result:

  • Here, both arms have new shading lines…:

  • And here too! In addition, Kakyoin’s right hand has been moved to the right:

  • Mannish Boy is looking… shadier, here, and Kakyoin’s visible pupil has been retouched:

  • This fire is looking brighter and sharper…:

  • …while this animation of Kakyoin showing us how to properly pick up a toddler is just brighter:

  • And let’s close with a few frames of Kakyoin, nicely retouched here and there:

And that concludes today’s episode, friends! I hope you had a good time, and I also hope you weren’t too grossed out by that poor mutt. It truly is the goriest animal death so far, in my opinion. Anyhow - see you next time for Stardust Crusaders #20, “Death 13 - Part 2”!


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