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Stardust Crusaders #17 - the Lovers - Part 2

Hello, good people, and welcome back! Sorry about the delay, but as I mentioned in the past comparison, I had sent my laptop for repairs as I very clumsily decided to give it a nice refreshing ginger beer shower. It came back some days ago, but I’m not happy about what they’ve done, so I’ll send it back tomorrow. In the meantime… Comparison!

Today we’ll take a look at Stardust Crusaders #17, “The Lovers - Part 2”! Are you ready? Let’s get into this!

  • Let’s begin with a very small difference. In this scene, a small bit on Joseph’s right cheek was a little off in the TV version; it’s now been fixed in the BDs:

  • Here, every face in the background has been retouched, and Joseph’s hair has been shaded a little differently, near his neck:

  • Here, the face of the random guy on the left has also been slightly retouched:

  • This animation has been made brighter:
  • And this bit here is darker instead, and has a better contrast:

  • Have another brighter animation:
  • This very brief animation is brighter and sharper, but it’s so short that I’ll just show you a frame instead:

  • Let’s go back to a longer, brighter animation:

  • The Lovers clones in this scene in the background have all been redrawn, and they look like the one in the foreground now! The shot has also been moved up a fair bit:

  • They also move in sync! Check it out:
  • And, when the camera zooms out, you can see that there are way more Lovers in the BD. The camera also moves differently:

  • Here, Steely Dan’s face has been retouched here, and the two guys in the back have been moved:

  • And here, a couple of lines on SD’s face have been slightly tweaked:

  • Here, Jotaro’s left eye has been redrawn, the iris on his right eye is also looking slightly different and, a couple of lines on his eyebrows have been tweaked and his nose shading has been properly… shaded! The lines on the left part of Steely Dan’s face have also been joined, and a small details near his right mouth corner has also been retouched:

  • A complete redraw, people! Hurray! Check it out:

  • Here, these three dudes’ eyes have been retouched:

  • These animations are brighter and much sharper:
  • This animation is muuch, much sharper, and the colours are just… Miles better. Check it out:

  • And another brighter and sharper one:
  • This brief sequence has a better contrast…:

  • And this one is brighter:

  • The camera is different on this arm, and there is an additional effect:

  • And similarly here, on Steely Dan’s leg:

  • Heeere we have a whole bunch of small differences! Let’s start… Jotaro’s two belt buckles have been retouched, a bunch of details on his face have been tweaked, his hair-hat-hand effigy is looking a little better, his neck shading lines are longer and Star Platinum is no longer surrounded by a weird blur effect:

  • Everything has been moved around here, basically:

  • Here, Jotaro has been retouched, the background at the start is blurrier and there is a stronger distortion along the edges:

  • And the background moves slightly differently here:

Phew! Now that was a sizable comparison, for a change! I hope you had a good time and I’ll see you next time - as a heads-up, next week’s comparison will most likely also be a little late, because of their repairs. But… Who knows…

It might not be of our dear crusaders after all… Ah, but who can say!

Well, see you then!

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