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Stardust Crusaders #04 - Tower of Gray

Hello, peeps! How are you doing? I’m still reeling from the INCREDIBLE gift that was the torture dance scene in Vento Aureo #07. I still cannot believe that David Production pulled through and gave us something that 100% exceeded my expectations. Whew! But you’re not here to read my impressions about the last Vento Aureo episode, are you? What do you say we dive into today’s episode instead, “Tower of Gray”?

  • Today’s first difference is this initial scene, in which everybody’s received a fresh paint of texture, a couple of things here or there have been retouched…:

  • … The holes in the seats are now correctly coloured black…:

  • … And this disgusting thing has also been uncensored:

  • Have a look at it in motion, just because:
  • I hope you came here today expecting to see a whole bunch of uncensored frames, because that’s precisely what you will get:

  • This bit here has also been uncensored, and on top of that it no longer sports that heavy vignette along the edges:

  • While here, the same dude has been uncensored again, and he no longer has that heavy shadow on him:

  • This scene has much less motion blur along the edges, and the pilots’ head are uncensored too:

  • Are you ready for a second serving of gross uncensored things? OPEN UP:

  • Let’s take a quick break for an animated uncensoring! You need to see all the frames on this baby. The cut tongue is kinda humorous to me, because it kinda ends up looking like a pink mustache:
  • Another quick uncensored bit here…:

  • And same here, and in addition to that some blood spurts have also been moved a fair bit:

  • Have a last couple of uncensored frames, here:

  • Let’s move on from all that blood and carnage to this peaceful scene, in which a very very tiny line near Joseph’s right ear is a little thicker. Wow!:


  • Phew! Here, Joseph’s beard has one more line:

  • Joseph’s face has been redrawn once again, here:

  • And once again here, Joseph shows us that he truly was Battle Tendency’s protagonist and King of Redraws! The camera has also been moved a little bit:

  • In this bit here, the pronunciations have been replaced with dots, and in two places the hanzi 雛 has been replaced with 雞:

  • In a couple of frames from the TV version, Polnareff’s upper lip was missing its texture; this has been fixed in the BD:

  • A couple of frames have been made darker and less washed-out in the BD; I can’t show you the animation because it’s literally four frames long:

  • This scene of Silver Chariot cutting through flames has been made sharper and brighter:
  • Here, Gray Fly’s voice actor’s name has been corrected: 長克巳 (Chō Katsumi)’s last character was mistakenly written as 己 in the TV version, and has been corrected to 巳 in the BD:

Aaand that’s it for today! Finally something a little more meaty to sink our comparison teeth into, huh? Well, who knows, soon we might look back to these first shorter comparisons with tearful eyes, as the old man looks back on his childhood wishing he could relive those simpler, easier days… Well, anyway, see ya next time!


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