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Diamond Is Unbreakable #37 - Crazy Diamond Is Unbreakable - Part 1

Hey there, people, and welcome back to this blog. Today we’re going to take a look at Episode #37, “Crazy Diamond is Unbreakable - Part 1”! Josuke and Kira are face to face, and the stakes are getting higher and higher! But let’s not waste any more time and let’s dive right into it!

  • Let’s begin this comparison with a video! Here, apart from the changes we saw in the last episode (I quote: “Here, Kira’s shirt and tie have been redrawn, his neck has been shaded more and one of the lines on his eyes is a bit thicker”), we have a clock overlay, and Hayato’s mouth now moves while he’s talking:
  • In the BD, the clock is some seconds ahead:

  • And again here. Hayato’s backpack has also been drawn lying on the ground next to him:

  • Here, Kira’s face has been retouched, Hayato’s head has been turned so he’s looking at his fake dad, and the backpack is back(pack):

  • Here, Kira’s right shirt sleeve has been striped, and that pesky backpack has been drawn once again:

  • He attacc… He protecc… But most importantly… He baccpacc:

  • Here Okuyasu starts further away but actually moves towards the viewer. He also ends up a bit more to the left, and the 億 kanji has been drawn on his shoulder:

  • Here, the white speed lines have been aligned to the black ones, and the backpack strikes again:

  • Both Kira and Hayato’s faces have been retouched here:

  • Take a wild guess homie:

  • The overlay texture is slightly different here, Kira’s shirt stripes are a bit thicker and his missing right sleeve has been drawn:

  • Here we have one of them brighter and sharper beatdown sequences:
  • Hayato’s face has been retouched in this bunch of frames:

  • Here, Josuke’s aura has a different shape, Okuyasu’s eyes have been retouched and most of the symbols on his uniform have been redrawn (or drawn in. I’m looking at you, 億):

  • In this shot, Kosaku has been retouched as usual, the background is darker along the bottom of the frame, and the photo itself is… Slightly zoomed out? I mean the inside of the photo:

  • David pro remembered to draw the hole in Kira’s chest here:

  • Here, Killer Queen’s face has been redrawn, Kira also looks much better and Okuyasu’s face has been retouched. 億 and BILLION have also been swapped, and Killer Queen’s crotch area is slightly less visible:

  • In this shot, Josuke has gotten back the second heart on his collar:

  • Another brighter and sharper beatdown here:
  • Poor (uncensored) sweet boy…
  • In this shot, Killer Queen’s upper body has been redrawn and Kira’s face has been retouched as well:

  • Okuyasu has been (sort of) uncensored again here:

  • The shadow on Hayato’s eyes extends up to his forehead in the BDs:

  • Stray Cat, Killer Queen and Kira’s faces have all been retouched in this iconic frame:

  • It’s amazing what a few retouches can do to make a scene better. Here, Josuke, Kira, Killer Queen and Stray Cat have all been retouched:

  • Rohan has his arms crossed in this shot:

  • Here we can see once again Okuyasu’s uncensored-ish wound, and some stray bits off Killer Queen’s aura have been removed:

  • Our boy looks much better here:

  • Both Josuke and Hayato’s faces have been retouched here:

  • In this shot, Kira’s got a dramatic anime shade on his eyes and forehead, his tie looks much better and his jacket now has buttons; Killer Queen has also been retouched here and there:

  • Here, Killer Queen and Stray Cat’s heads have both been redrawn; the emblems on KQ’s shoulders (and crotch?) also look better:

  • And here, panning away, Hayato’s eyes and nose have been retouched and… Oh god, that right hand, thank goodness:

  • In these shots, Kira’s face has been completely redrawn, and his tie is looking better too:

  • Here, the anime shade is back on Kira’s forehead; Josuke’s face has also been retouched and is more bloodied, and the symbols on his uniform are also looking better:

  • In this shot of Okuyasu reenacting Ophelia’s death without the water, we can once again take a peek at his chewed-up sides, and we can also see BILLION on his left arm:

  • And again here, plus a different shading on Okuyasu:

  • The End of Evangelion (1997), Hideaki Anno:

  • For some reason, Josuke’s face is less bloodied here, and it looks a bit worse. Okuyasu has also been uncensored and re-shaded:

  • Ok, this is the first uncensored Okuyasu that’s at least a little gross:

  • Killer Queen’s head and neck have been redrawn here; Kira’s face has also been retouched, his jacket has his hole back, and Killer Queen’s skull emblems are looking better:

  • Another mangled Okuyasu, another missing BILLION redrawn:

  • Killer Queen is looking much better here, and so is Kira’s face! Ah, the hole in his jacket is also back:

  • This very brief animation is actually less sharp! But it works to create tension, I think:
  • Josuke has an aura in this scene:

  • In this bit of Hayato doing the most badass thing he’s ever done in the series, the camera has been moved a tiny bit, and the pavement in the background is blurrier:

  • The shading is a bit less flat here:

  • One last uncensored Okuyasu, for the road! Oh, and the houses in the background have also been shaded slightly differently:

  • Killer Queen and Stray Cat’s heads have, once again, been redrawn, and all the emblems are looking better here:

  • There’s a slight vignette around the edges of this scene, and Josuke’s aura is much bigger:

  • Kira’s face and Killer Queen’s upper body have both been retouched here:

  • Both Josuke and Hayato’s eye areas have been retouched in this shot:

  • Kira’s eyebrows are darker here:

  • Both Kira and Killer Queen’s faces have been retouched here, and Kira’s tie skulls are also looking a bit better:

  • Here, 億 is back on Okuyasu’s shoulder, and the cross over his face has been retouched:

  • And again here, and Hayato actually moves his mouth now:
  • This bit here has a slight vignette, less flat colours, a slight distortion around the edges, more light and brighter godrays:

  • Let’s have ourselves one last credit difference, before we put this episode to rest! Here, the last character in the third line from the bottom (テディ―, “Teddy”) was changed from a ー to a ―. They might look similar, but they have different functions! The first one is just a normal dash, while the second one indicates that the last syllable’s vowel needs to be elongated. It was probably just a typo:

Aaand that’s it for Episode #37! Two episodes to go… We’re almost done with Diamond is Unbreakable! I almost can’t believe it. Well, I hope you had fun reading this, and I’ll see you next week for Episode #38, “Crazy Diamond is Unbreakable - Part 2”!


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