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Diamond Is Unbreakable #34 - July 15th (Th.) - Part 4

Hey hey, welcome back, everyone! Today we’re going to take a look at the last episode in this four part-long mini-arc: “July 15th (Th.) - Part 4”! I hope you’re all strapped in and ready, because this will be a long ride. But let’s not belabour the point and let’s just dive right in!

  • Let’s begin this very long comparison with a Very Important difference. Rohan’s boots now have straps:

  • And here, Rohan’s eyes (and nose) have been redrawn:

  • Here’s a bunch of differences! Koichi’s eyes now glint with the faintest trace of humanity, Rohan’s shirt has its usual holes back, his ear has been properly shaded and Cheap Trick’s face and ear have been coloured properly:

  • The bootstraps are back again here:

  • Once again Koichi’s eyes look a bit more lifelike here, and Rohan’s face has been redrawn:

  • In these couple of shots you’ll see that Rohan has a better face, and his belt+pendant… thing he’s got around his neck have more details:

  • Rohan’s flabbergasted face looks a bit better here, and he’s got his earrings back:

  • The tiny Rohan in this shot has the usual holes in his shirt, his right hand is looking much better and the area between his right arm and his torso is no longer yellow (no, I don’t know what that extra hand-shaped thing is):

  • Rohan’s face has been retouched here:

  • The holes! The holes! And his eyes, too:

  • In this same scene, Koichi actually goes away when he’s supposed to, instead of lingering on the side of the frame just to suddenly pop out of existence some frames later:
  • Back to our favourite serial killer! If you look really closely, the shadow under Kosaku’s neck (on the right) is slightly longer, and there is the tiniest hint of a yellow stripe on his tie, near the newspaper:

  • Back to Rohan! Here he looks better and less bald:

  • In this bit here, Rohan and that dude have been heavily retouched and they’re also some pixels higher; the figures in the background have also been moved around a bit:

  • The walking animation is also a bit more static:
  • Another bunch of different things here! Rohan’s eye area has been retouched and re-shaded, his earrings look better, his bag’s green strap has been drawn on his shoulder, the stripes on his collar-pendant-thing have been retouched, the squiggly line on Cheap Trick’s face now goes up to his left eye, the recesses on his mouth-mask have been coloured black and his left hand has been retouched. Phew!:

  • Here, there’s a new shadow on that dude’s neck; Rohan also has a couple new shaded parts, and they’ve drawn his collar-thing and his bag strap too. He also has a pupil now:

  • In this frame Rohan’s shirt holes are back, and his collar (his actual collar this time, not that striped thing) has been drawn. The dude in the back has also been moved a couple of pixels:

  • Obligatory Brighter’n’Sharper animation here:
  • Here both the dude and Rohan’s faces have been retouched and re-shaded, but Rohan’s earring looks… worse? Rohan’s shirt holes have also been drawn in, as usual:

  • Rohan is no longer bald below his hairband, and his mouth has been retouched:

  • They remembered to draw the book around the dude’s eye here:

  • Here Cheap Trick’s lower jaw has been recoloured, and the overall shade on his face is different:

  • In this scene, Rohan’s eye area has been redrawn, and when he turns around his whole face is different:

  • A slight zoom in on the doggos here:

  • In this shot Cheap Trick’s eyes have been recoloured, and there’s a new shade under Rohan’s nose:

  • This dog’s saliva has been recoloured to be a little bit more convincing:

  • Rohan has a MUCH, MUCH better face here:

  • In this shot, Rohan has a thicker shadow on his eye area:

  • Rohan’s face and hair have been retouched here, and Cheap Trick’s mouth is open in the BD version:

  • In this shot Koichi has been shaded very differently, and as a result he no longer looks like he’s made of some sort of plastic material:

  • Here, we can see that Rohan’s eyes have been slightly retouched, the cut on his cheek actually bleeds and he’s got teeth in his mouth…:

  • And here, the shade on his neck is less dark… BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY, HE’S CRYING:

  • Here, that weird highlight in Rohan’s hair is gone, and he’s got his bootstraps back:

  • In this shot, the line on Rohan’s upper eyelids is a bit thinner, the strap of his bag no longer has those weird lines on top of it, and the shading on his lip is a little less prominent:

  • Rohan’s nose is way smaller here, and his cheek is cut:

  • This weirdly gross bit has been uncensored:

  • That very anime forehead shade is back here:

  • Here’s another slightly uncensored shot:

  • And again here (it’s a bit dark, so it might be hard to spot); the background has also been moved:

  • In this frame here, the cut on Rohan’s cheek and the bag strap are back, Cheap Trick’s mouth has been retouched, and the shadow near Rohan’s right eye is sliiiightly different:

  • The line separating the two colours in the background wall is sharper in the BDs (shocking, I know!):

  • The shade on Rohan’s eyes is a bit less flat here (plus the usual cheek cut):

  • Here we have a slightly retouched pattern on that collar-thing Rohan’s got, a longer line on his cheek, and the tiniest retouch on his hairband:

  • In this very cursed image, Rohan actually has a shadow, and the post box has been put in the foreground as it should be:

  • The bag strap is back again with a vengeance here:

  • Here, the shade on Rohan’s shoulder is no longer there, the cut on his cheek is back, his nose has been retouched and his eye shows a very tiny glint that wasn’t there in the TV version:

  • In this very cool shot, the cut on Rohan’s cheek is back, the highlight on his nose is no longer there, his right eye has been retouched and there’s an extra black line in Cheap Trick’s ear-thing:

  • In this scene, Cheap Trick’s mouth has been shaded better…:

  • …sometimes his mouth flap is entirely different…:

  • …and he writhes in a different way as well:
  • Arnold! You’re back! And you’re still uncensored! Cool! Also, the books in the bag now actually look like books, and Reimi’s face has been slightly retouched:

  • Arnoooold:

  • Omae wa mou shindeiru.webm:
  • Kosaku’s tie now has its distinctive pattern here:

  • A bunch of frames have also been retouched in this super cool explosion sequence. For example, here you can see a better shading around Kosaku’s eye area…:

  • …here, the shade around KQ’s eye has been drawn…:

  • …and here, KQ’s knuckles have been recoloured:

  • Minako’s mouth flap animation is different here:
  • Both Minako’s face and the nail clipper have been retouched here:

  • It is with a heavy heart that I must announce that we have another BD-only mistake here… As you can see, for some reason the space in-between Kira’s fingers is pink, while it wasn’t in the TV version:

  • When the camera pans up, we have a nice view of Minako’s new earrings, and her differently-coloured lipstick:

  • …and when it pans up some more, we can see that even her eyes have been re-shaded. The colour on her left eye doesn’t look too right in the BDs, however… We may be witnessing a rare double-BD-only mistake! Today is a sad day for humankind:

  • Minako has no nail polish in this shot, Kira’s tie is looking better and his right eye is darker (thanks, Charlie Solark!):

  • Welcome to the family, Minako! I’m sure you’ll fit right in with the others!:

  • Kira has been flipped here:

  • A bunch of frames have been retouched in this scene of Hayato running away. I think it’s faster if you see for yourself:

  • Both Hayato and Kosaku’s faces are looking better in this somewhat uncomfortable shot:

  • Here, Killer Queen has his BDSM glove back on his right hand:

And that’s it for today’s episode! Man, that was a long one. It’s been a while since we’ve had a comparison this long! I hope you enjoyed reading through it, and I’ll see you next week for the beginning of the grand finale!


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