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Diamond Is Unbreakable #29 - Highway Star - Part 2

Hello, everybody! Welcome back to today’s analysis (on time, for once)! Are you ready to look at some very minor differences? Aw yeah, you are!

Let’s go!

  • Let’s begin with this shot, in which there’s a better shading on Josuke’s forehead, his eye area has been retouched and there’s a new line of shading near the bike handle, outlining his strong man boobs:

  • Here, Josuke’s face has been slightly retouched, and the top of the background is lighter:

  • Happy boy got his earrings back:

  • Here, Koichi’s eyes have been slightly retouched:

  • In this shot, Josuke’s eye area has been retouched, his collar has been recoloured, the background is slightly darker and for some reason Highway Star’s foot has lost part of its shading:

  • Now it’s time for some brighter and sharper videos:
  • The polaroid holes make a return from episode #25:

  • In this shot, Josuke’s face has been slightly retouched, his right leg now casts a shadow on the motorcycle and his peace symbol now has a shadow behind it:

  • Here, once again, Josuke’s face has been retouched, the lines on his pompadour are longer, his wrist… bangle? has been re-shaded, and the collar area has been redrawn almost completely:

  • In this shot we have a bunch of little differences! In random order: Josuke’s eyes, his cheekbone, a darker shading on his forehead, the anchor symbol, a shorter line in his neck, the lines on his pompadour, a recoloured part on the front of the bike, a tiny bit of the bike handle no longer having shading (which is weird), and that white bit in the lower right corner has been recoloured:

  • Here both Josuke and Crazy Diamond’s eyes have been retouched, and the earrings are back once again:

  • The lower part of Crazy Diamond has a darker shading in this shot:

  • And here… You guessed it! Josuke’s eyes:

  • And again, Koichi’s eye here:

  • In this admittedly very weird shot, the bottom foot has five fingers instead of four:

  • Thank goodness, Josuke’s face has been retouched here:

  • Here’s a couple of brighter and sharper animations, plus a slightly retouched Crazy Diamond face during the first frames:

  • Alright, let’s meet Yuuya! You might have noticed that in the TV version, his left arm was sometimes bandaged and sometimes not, so in the BD they just decided to remove the bandages altogether, as you’ll see in this and other shots:

  • In this shot, they drew the missing tattoo on one of Yuuya’s fangirls:

  • Here, the… Thing that’s holding Yuuya’s leg has been slightly moved, and as usual, the bandages on his left arm have been removed (nice hand, Yuuya boy):

  • In this shot, one shadow on Highway Star’s left shoulder has been turned into a highlight, and the usual bandage has been deleted:

  • The top left of this frame is darker, Josuke is actually wounded and bandage is missing here:

  • Here, there is an added shade below Yuuya’s neck and there’s a bunch of little different things on the three fangirls. I think it would take me too long to list them, so just have a look for yourself:

  • In this shot, Yuuya’s eyes have been retouched, and yeah, bandages, you guessed it:

  • And now have a bunch of shots where David pro removed the bandages from Yuuya’s left arm, all clumped together for your viewing convenience:

  • Here, once again, most things are different, but not in such a meaningful way that describing them would be adequate. Have a look:

  • Here, as a runner-up for “tiniest difference ever”, a very small tuft of hair on Koichi’s head has been recoloured:

  • We’re done with the main episode! Let’s take a look at the ending now… For some reason, REBOOT was re-written in small caps:

That’s it for today’s episodes! A lot of things, yes, but nothing major, I’d say. At the end of this week I’m going back to my hometown for a couple of weeks, so I’m not sure I’ll be able to post the next comparison on schedule, but from then on I should theoretically have a bit more time to work on them, so there might be a few more comparisons during that period. I’m not promising anything though! We’ll see!

Take care now, and see you later!

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