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Diamond Is Unbreakable #23 - Sheer Heart Attack - Part 1

Hello, everyone, and welcome back to the now-weekly Jojo comparison! Today we’ll take a look at DiU #23, “Sheer Heart Attack - Part 1”! Are you ready? Yeah, you are.

Let’s go!

  • Today’s first comparison is this brighter shot of SHA right here:

  • Both Koichi and Jotaro’s faces have received a massive upgrade in this shot here:

  • Jotaro now looks slightly less bored with the whole situation, and his hat no longer defies the three canonical dimensions:

  • Okay, this is hilarious to me. In this shot, Koichi now has a bloody cut on his cheek, his right pupil has been retouched, but… Just. Just look at that Jotaro redraw:

  • In this shot, Jotaro has, once again, that weird purse-like thing on his belt, and the shadows beneath him and Koichi are slightly lighter:

  • Another brighter explosion here:

  • The dust particles in the air from the SHA explosion are scattered differently in the BDs:

  • In this shot, the missing wound has been, once again, drawn on Koichi’s cheek:

  • Here, the usual pouch has been added, and the belt running across Jotaro’s chest has also been retouched:

  • The wound on Jotaro’s hand is bigger here:

  • Once again, a brighter bit:
  • Josuke’s collar has been redrawn here, and the shading lines on both his neck and ear have been retouched:

  • The explosion in this short animation is brighter:
  • And this punching animation is brighter and sharper:
  • In this shot, the outlines are a bit thicker, and Koichi now has a gash on his back:

  • In this shot, all the skulls on Kira’s tie have been retouched, and he’s also got an extra one; his neck, ears and mouth have also been shaded better:

  • Koichi’s face has been retouched in this couple of frames, and in the second one he’s also shaded a bit better:

  • It’s time for one last credit difference! In this part of the credits, the second-to-last kanji in the name of animator 福田周平 (Fukuda Shūhei) was mistakenly written as 修. While 周 and 修 may look different, their pronounciation is the same (しゅう, shū); therefore, this error was probably derived from a mistyped name. Have a look:

And that’s it for today’s episode! I hope you enjoyed it, even though it was a bit on the short side. I personally love when they completely redraw a character’s face! That’s my favourite part by far.

Take care, and I’ll see you next time!

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