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Diamond Is Unbreakable #10 - Let's Go Out for Italian

Hey, everybody! Welcome back to JoJo’s Bizarre Comparisons. Today we’re going to take a look at what David production changed in Episode #10. There will be some little changes here and there, as usual, and a fair number of gory shots uncensored. Let’s dive right in!

  • In the scene where Tonio is talking about all the Italian tomato-based recipes, almost all the dishes have been either redrawn or re-shaded:

  • And here, the “stripes” that divide Okuyasu from the rest of the screen have been toned down (they’re no longer as neon bright as they were in the TV version), and so was the slight aura around Okuyasu:

  • In this scene here, a very small bit on Josuke’s armband has been recoloured to be darker in a couple of frames; the fork on Okuyasu’s side of the table has also been moved from his right to his left:

  • This scene of Okuyasu scratching his shoulder away has been uncensored (and the lines are slightly sharper, but that might just be an encoding issue):

  • Here we can have an uncensored look at the doggo exploding his guts out; the aforementioned stripes have also been toned down again:

  • And here, it is Okuyasu whose uncensored innards we can finally take a look at:

And that’s it for Episode #10! A lot of blood and guts, and some very minor touches here and there. I’m honestly just happy to be able to cover something more major than those last two measly episodes I did before this one! Tune in next time for a look at RHCP Part 1!


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