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Battle Tendency #23 - the Warrior Returns to the Wind

Hello again, people! I trust you had a pleasant week and I hope you’re ready for another healthy serving of redraws. Today’s comparison will be about Battle Tendency #23, “The Warrior Returns to the Wind”! It’s gonna be much shorter than last time’s, but that’s not saying much, since last time we had a mammoth of unprecedented size.

Without further ado then, let’s dive in!

  • Let’s begin with a slightly redrawn Kars, flexing his muscly fingers in anticipation for his upcoming rock-paper-scissors championship finals:

  • In this shot both Wham, Joseph and the horn-wind effect between them have been moved, the whole shot itself is more distorted along the edges, there are some extra white effects which represent the wind, the background itself has been retouched, the two smaller fires no longer stand out that much against the bigger fire in the background and that… yellowy thing near Joseph is no longer there:

  • Here, Joseph has been slightly moved, they added some white movement lines along the edges (and a slight distortion under them as well), and Caesar’s bandana (rest in pepperoni) has been moved too:

  • This animation now has a darker vignette along the edges, and they also added another set of movement lines (black, this time):

  • Here, Joseph is sweating less and his right eye has been retouched:

  • Aha! That’s what that yellow thing was back there! Anyway, here the perspective on the background has been changed… Is this the first time that happens? Anyway! The shading on Joseph’s face is also different:

  • The scratch texture overlay is different here:

  • This animation is brighter:
  • Here, this shot looks less distorted around the edges, the shadows on Kars are darker and the lines on his face have been removed as well:

  • Here, both Joseph and Wham’s arms have been retouched…:

  • …and, in a couple of frames, they added a crack effect in the background. But… everything is cracked. Even the air:

  • Here, the flowing blood has been moved, and the scratch texture overlay around the mouth is slightly different…:

  • …and the lava-blood has also been fixed in a couple of frames (since it was slightly messed up in the TV version):

  • And here, Joseph has received a darker scratch texture overlay, and he’s now wearing the ring with the antidote on his inky dinky pinky:

  • Here, the smoke effect is different, and Joseph’s upper lip area has also been retouched:

  • The camera has been moved in this shot, the blur effect is completely different and the zombies have been retouched too (especially the eyes, which are now glowing):

  • Here, the wounds have been uncensored, most things are brighter and Wham’s lower jaw has been retouched too:

  • Here, Joseph, have a better set of eyes:

  • Ah, another BD mistake… For some reason, a tiny bit of hair has been de-coloured here (this only lasts for a couple of frames, luckily):

  • Kars is, once again, wearing less make-up here:

  • In this flashback Wham has been moved, redrawn completely, and he’s no longer draped in that thing; those two figures lying down below the altar have also been moved and retouched:

  • Ah, a complete redraw! How exciting:

  • Here, all the zombies have been redrawn and re-shaded, and the top-right corner is also darker (and the bottom text is missing, but that’s not new):

  • The goons are looking better here as well…:

  • And here too! Plus, they’ve been uncensored (and the one on the left is even wearing pants now):

  • Here, the highlights on Kars’ hair are looking better, his shoulder has been retouched, and… for some reason, the strap for his foreahead thingie is missing:

  • A few frames later, the strap appears, but is coloured differently (?):

  • And finally, the shading on his neck and chin is lighter:

  • Once again, the zombie goons are looking much better here:

  • The onomatopoeia appears with a different animation, here:
  • And this front goon is also looking a little better here (more lines on the neck, a differently-coloured tongue):

  • Joseph’s arms are no longer scratched here:

  • And Kars’ nose is no longer shaded that much on the bottom:

  • In this bit of Kars doing one of the WEIRDEST THINGS he does in the entire series (and that’s counting him transforming his hand into a squirrel), he’s been retouched…:

  • And the animation itself is different too:
  • Let’s end this episode on a familiar note! Our old friend 宝谷幸稔 (Hōtani Yukitoshi) has been added to the credits for this episode, here:

And that’s it for today’s comparison! We’re getting closer and closer to the end of Battle Tendency… I can’t wait to start taking a look at Stardust Crusaders! To think that, originally, I started thinking about this blog precisely because nobody had done any comparisons for Part 3… Oh well, I’ve just been side-tracked, that’s all!

See you next time for Battle Tendency #24, “The Ties that Bind JoJo”!


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