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Battle Tendency #11 - Master of the Game

Hello everyone, and welcome back! Today we’re going to take a look at Battle Tendency Episode #11, “Master of the Game”! Without further ado then, let’s dive in!

  • Let’s begin with a bunch of brighter animation (the first two of which are incidentally very similar to the last two of the previous episode):
  • This (pretty disgusting) scene of Straights digging in his leg to take out the bullet has been uncensored:
  • In this shot, the purple background is slightly different:

  • And this whole part of Straights pulling himself together (har har) has been uncensored as well:

  • Apparently David Production forgot to draw the vampire fangs on Straight for a bunch of shots of the TV version. Obviously the BDs correct this; here is the first of those shots:

  • This reporter’s camera has been shaded differently in the BDs

  • Pretty much everything in this shot has been either moved or scaled:

  • Joseph’s arm, nose and torso have been shaded better

  • And Smokey’s eyes have been retouched as well:

  • Straight’s vampire fangs again here:

  • Smokey has been completely redrawn and re-shaded in this shot:

  • The vampire fangs strike again (in the BD version of the first shot Straights also has vertical pupils):

  • Pretty much everything has been retouched and re-shaded in this shot:

  • Straights’s vampire fangs have been drawn for one last time, and his eye wound is different:

  • In these shots there are a bunch of minor retouches in Joseph’s outlines, his arms, their hands and Straights’ shading and positioning:

  • Straights’ death scene is more zoomed in in the BDs:

  • Oh, my! What is that pesky hand doing there in the top left corner? That’s not good! We gotta censor that for the TV broadcast!:

  • Your friendly neighborhood nazi man has slightly more reflective shades in the BDs:

  • Oh, finally somebody fixed the light in the corridor! I swear to god, it’s been broken for ages:

  • Joseph has been completely redrawn in this shot here (he’s also way bigger), and the shadows on the ground have been retouched:

  • Looking a little too much like Jonathan here, huh, Joseph?:

  • For some reason in the TV version, this kid in this last scene has two chins? Or two lower lips? Anyhow, it’s been corrected in the BDs, and he’s been retouched:

  • And his shock is more emphasized in the BDs:

Alright, that’s it for today’s comparison! There are certainly less differences in Battle Tendency than there were in Phantom Blood. I wonder if it is because we’re still in the early episodes, or if they had more budget for this part? Moreover, there were a lot of design changes for Phantom Blood; I guess David Production had more time to finalize the designs for BT.

Anyway, thanks for sticking until the end, and I’ll see you next time!

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